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Ultrafast PHP vs Standard PHP

Ultrafast PHP vs Standard PHP

Ultrafast PHP

  • Faster page response: up to 50% drop in the TTFB (time to first byte), which will make your pages load faster than before;
  • Increased server capacity: the host node will be able to process about 20-30% more requests, which means it will be able to handle even better traffic spikes;
  • Lower server memory usage: up to 15% drop in the memory usage, which again vacates server resources for handling more of your traffic faster.
  • Expected overall performance improvement: currently the Ultrafast PHP averages at being 30% faster than the Standard PHP setup.

When switching to the Ultrafast PHP setup, all subdomains and folders of your site will inherit the PHP version and variables of the site’s primary domain and any differences in the settings will be overwritten.

Standard PHP

Standard PHP is slightly slower but allows for per instance PHP management. To allow for more customization and tweaking during development and testing, Standard PHP is the only available option for staging sites.

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