How can I transfer a domain name from one SiteGround account to another?

In order to transfer a domain name from one SiteGround account to another, you need to post a support ticket with your request. You can do so via your Customer Area -> Support -> Open a Support Ticket -> Billing category

Note that the request must be posted from the customer area that currently has the domain name. In the ticket you should specify the domain name that you would like to be moved and the destination account where you would like the domain name to be moved to.


  1. Reply February 28, 2017 / 15:38 Jeremy sadlerSiteGround Team

    We want to create a new account and transfer/migrate a single domain and its content from the original account, to a seperate account. I see from the knowledge-base, that this requires a request from our account but I have specific execution questions about scheduling options (can we schedule a specific day and after-hours).

    • Reply March 1, 2017 / 18:53 Ivan AtanasovSiteGround Team

      The best way to proceed would be to contact us through our normal support channels (phone/chat/ticket) so that we can discuss this and answer your questions.

      And the moment you are ready, you can create a ticket confirming that you would like us to perform the transfer for you. We will execute it as requested.

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