What does the transfer from Shared hosting to Cloud include?

If you order an upgrade from your Shared hosting account to a Cloud one, this will include:

  • Posting a new ticket on your behalf in which we will perform the migration.
  • A new Cloud server will be set up with the hardware parameters that you set up during the order process. We will then install our custom software on the machine for you, so that the server is optimized for performance.
  • After that we will sync all your data from the shared account to the Cloud one. This will include all your files, databases, email accounts and settings.
  • We will then test the functionality of the services on the new server to ensure that the migration is completed properly.
  • Finally, if your domain name is managed by us we will point it to the new server for you. If your domain name is not managed by us, then pointing the domain name to the new server is up to you.

After the migration is completed, due to the DNS changes in the next 72 hours some of the visitors for your website will access it on the old Shared account and some will access it on the new Cloud server. This is due to the DNS propagation and once it completes, all visitors will see the website on the Cloud server.

When the upgrade process is completed and we verified the results from it, we will notify you in the ticket posted for the migration.

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