How to transfer your emails to SiteGround using IMAPSize on Windows

If your previous hosting provider is not using cPanel and transferring email accounts and messages between cPanel servers is not an applicable option for you, but you still wish to transfer your emails to SiteGround, please follow these steps:

  • Download and install IMAPSize

IMAPSize is a free 3rd party email application which works only on Windows. It allows you to create a backup of your current emails and import it to your new SiteGround based email account.

You can download IMAPSize from this link and install it on your computer.

  • Add an Account

Once you open IMAPSize for the first time, you will see a dialog prompting you to create an account. If so, click on the Yes button. If you have used IMAPSize before, and wish to add a new account, go to Account -> New.

In the Add Account menu, enter the details of the email account you wish to backup (Username, Password, Server, Port, etc.). This will be your old email account that needs to be migrated to the new server.

It is important to note that you will need to configure your email using IMAP protocol. In case you don't know the appropriate IMAP email configuration settings you will need to reach your previous hosting provider for further assistance.

Once the details have been added, click on the OK button.

  • Create the Email Backup

To start the backup click on Accounts -> Backup Account -> Select all folders -> Create Backup.

The Account Backup dialog box will appear. Select the folders you wish to backup. We highly recommend you to click on the Select All button, so you can backup all of your emails/folders. Next you should select the Backup button in order to initiate the backup creation.

Depending on your overall mailbox size this process might take some time. Note that you will see a confirmation dialog when the backup is created.

  • Import the Backup to the new server

Once the Backup creation is completed you will need to recreate the same email address with the same password on the new hosting server. You can create your emails from your cPanel -> Email accounts.

Then you should go back to IMAPSize and reconfigure the Mail Server settings from Tools -> Option with your SiteGround IMAP email settings (listed in cPanel -> Email Accounts -> More -> Configure Email Client).

After that go back to IMAPSize and navigate to Account -> click on Restore Backup and your old emails will be uploaded to your SiteGround hosting account.

The last step is to point the mail flow of your domain to your SiteGround hosting account. More on that can be found in our article below:

How to point my mail service to Siteground

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