How to transfer my domain to Siteground

To transfer your domain name to Siteground, it should first meet several criteria:

  • The domain name must be in "Active" status. Most domain name registrars by default set the status of the domain names to "Locked", so you need to unlock the domain name first from the control panel of the current registrar. This is not required for and domain names
  • There must be more than 15 days until the expiration of the domain name. Note that this is not valid for some country specific extensions, such as .it domains
  • The domain name must have been initially registered more than 60 days ago
  • You must have the EPP code for the domain name. This is used during the transfer to authorize the operation and you can obtain it from the current domain name registrar. This is not required for and domain names
  • You must have access to the administrative email for that domain name as an email will be sent to it, which you need to open to authorize the procedure. If you have Domain ID Protect service enabled for the domain name, please disable it first, so that the authorization email is sent to your real email address. This is again not required for and domain names
  • Only for and domain names - you must set the TAG attribute for your domain name to TUCOWS-CA.

If your domain name meets all of the above criteria, you can order the Domain Transfer service from your User Area -> Add Services tab -> Domain Transfer. There type the domain name at the top of the page and click Check Domain Status. Our system will automatically check if your domain name meets all of the above criteria and if it does not you will see a warning.

If your domain name passes all of the checks, then you will have to input the EPP code and confirm that you have access to the administrative email address for the domain name. You will also be prompted to review and update if necessary the domain name owner details if necessary. Once the domain name transfer is completed, these details will be automatically applied to your domain name.

Once ready, complete the order and the transfer of the domain name will be automatically initiated. In 24 hours you will receive an email on the domain's administrative email address that can be used to confirm the domain name transfer service. You have to open that email and follow the instructions there. You may also receive a second email from your current registrar asking you to do the same so that they could release the domain name.

After you confirm the service by following the instructions in the email you just need to allow for the service to complete. Depending on the TLD of the domain name and its current registrar, the domain name transfer service could take up to 14 days to complete properly. Once the operation is complete, you will receive a welcome email from Siteground informing you of the successful transfer of the domain to us.