Site Tools vs. cPanel
Site Tools vs cPanel comparison – overview and main differences

Site Tools vs cPanel comparison – overview and main differences

We’ve made switching from cPanel to SiteGround’s new platform – Site Tools easy and convenient for you. You can be sure that the functionalities you are used to work with are available on the new platform and designed for simplicity. To make the transfer as easy as possible for you, we’ve created a series of comparison articles, starting with this one, to clarify the differences between the two platforms and guide you how to perform all essential cPanel tasks with Site Tools.

Hosting vs Website-oriented Logic

While cPanel is a hosting account-based platform, Site Tools is built with the idea of prioritizing website management. With our new platform, each of your sites has a separate set of Site Tools.

Organization and Navigation Within Tools

Site Tools

Site Tools’ left column acts as a navigation bar which holds all tools, grouped by themes. It is displayed on all pages within the platform and does not disappear when a tool is opened in the central part of the interface.

Since Site Tools is website-specific, you can switch between sites using the drop-down menu on the top left corner. You can also easily access help articles, pinned on the Get Quick Help drop-down menu in the top right corner.


The home page of cPanel is divided into two main sections. There’s a left column, holding account information, search, and stats.

The rest of the space holds the tools within cPanel which are organized in topic-specific sections. Every tool opens in a separate window, and to go back to cPanel’s home page, you need to click on the button cPanel Home in the top right corner.

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