How to sell different variations of a product using the VirtueMart script?

Often you need to sell one product, which has different attributes and respectively different prices.

In order to set different prices for a product based on its attributes navigate to your Joomla! admin area -> Components -> VirtueMart -> Products -> Add Product.

Enter the product's information.

Then open the Product Status tab and click on the New Attribute link.

Enter the attribute title, the property and the price.

For example if you sell cars you can enter "Engine type" as an attribute title. You can set 2 properties: "Gasoline" and "Diesel" and enter the corresponding difference in the prices compared to the original one. In your case you can enter "+0" in the Price field associated with the first property and "+1000" in the Price field for the second. Once you are ready save the modifications.

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