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Report Abuse

Report Abuse

We supply high-performing reliable hosting services to people located all over the globe. As one of the preferred hosting providers, we know how important security is for our customers.

Since our very inception as a hosting services provider, we’ve been fully committed to doing our part in making the internet a safer place.

That’s why if you have concerns about any content we host, you can report certain types of abuse and non-compliance to us.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Phishing
  • Malware
  • Spam
  • Intellectual property rights infringement

A more comprehensive list can be found in our Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy.

To report any form of abuse activity with respect to any SiteGround service, email us at compliance@siteground.com.

Include references to specific pages, links, images, or statements that are in violation of our Acceptable Use Policy so we can process your request. Ensure that you follow the applicable good practice guidelines and ​​standards when reporting such abuse. All complaints sent to compliance@siteground.com will be handled in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations for the given region.

We’ll respond as soon as we have thoroughly investigated and reviewed your inquiry.

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