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How to reduce the size of a MySQL database?

How to reduce the size of a MySQL database?

MySQL database size limitations are applied for all shared hosting plans, in order to ensure fair resource usage. The limitations are as follows:

  • StartUp – 500 MB
  • GrowBig – 750 MB
  • GoGeek – 1000 MB

If your database exceeds the size limitation, check your database content and reduce its size by deleting some of the data which is not needed.

To do so, go to Site Tools > Site > MySQL > phpMyAdmin. Select the database from the menu on the left.

Check the Size column, click on it and locate the biggest tables as it will sort the largest ones at the top of the page. Check the data inside and decide if it can be safely deleted. For example, tables containing logs and temporary information usually can be safely deleted. Before removing any data, make sure that it is not crucial for your website’s functionality. Also, create a backup of the database so that you could restore it in case you delete any important data by mistake.

If you have reached the MySQL Database size limit and all of the data in the database is needed for your website, consider an upgrade to a higher plan where the MySQL Database size limit would suit your needs.

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