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How to reduce your account CPU seconds usage?

How to reduce your account CPU seconds usage?

To reduce the CPU seconds usage of your account:

1. Troubleshooting

Check your Domain Hits Stats and Account Executions and Scripts from your Client Area > Services > Hosting > Manage > Statistics.

Check out the most commonly visited URLs and the visitor countries that have accessed your website from Site Tools > Statistics -> Traffic. This will help you pinpoint problematic parts of your website and figure out where to focus your efforts.

2. Enable Caching

If you are using WordPress or other compatible web application, enable the Caching in your Site Tools > Speed > Caching.

3. Switch to PHP 7.x

Make sure you’re using the latest PHP version available for your account. To update your PHP version go to your Site Tools > Devs > PHP Manager.

4. Keep Your Application Up-to-date and Clean Unused Plugins

Keep your web applications up to date and deactivate and delete all plugins and extensions currently not used.

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