Private DNS – What is It and How to Use It

The Private DNS are name servers that reflect your domain name rather than our default ones. The service is available to all our clients on all our hosting plans.

The default nameservers for your account have the following structure:

Using a Private DNS you can have name servers that look like this:

Having private nameservers could be useful if you intend to resell hosting services or want to brand your business. Also, when using Private DNS, if a domain name is migrated to another server, there is no need to change any nameservers and the domain names will automatically point to the new location.

The Private DNS extra feature is available to all SiteGround customers and can be activated as follows:

  • Resellers can order private DNS from their Reseller Area index page -> Get Private DNS button.
  • Shared, Cloud hosting and Dedicated server users can order private DNS from their User's areas -> Add Services -> Private DNS.

NB: If you are ordering the private DNS upgrade with an existing domain name of yours, note that the setup of the service requires your existing domain name to be managed by SiteGround at the time of the purchase.

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