How to point my website to SiteGround?

There are two options to point your website to SiteGround - you can use SiteGround's name servers with your domain, or you can just update the domain's A record to point to your hosting account's IP address.

Both the IP of your account, and your SiteGround name servers are available in your User Area -> My Accounts tab -> Information & Settings, under the account you will be hosting the domain into.

If you opt to change your domain's name servers to SiteGround's, all of your DNS records will be managed in your SiteGround hosting account from there on. You can use the DNS Zone Editor in cPanel to control them. This will also point your domain's email service to SiteGround.

If you choose to point your domain's A record instead, only your website will be pointed to your hosting account. Your domain's DNS records will still be managed with your previous host/DNS service provider.

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