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How to point my mail service here

How to point my mail service here

To start using the email accounts associated with your domain name, you need to point your domain’s MX records to our email service. All SiteGround account owners should use only the following MX records:

Priority Destination	 
10 mx10.mailspamprotection.com	 
20 mx20.mailspamprotection.com	 
30 mx30.mailspamprotection.com

Delete all other MX records for your domain name and leave only the ones above.

This change should be performed where your nameservers are pointed. Once you point your MX records, there is a standard propagation period that may take up to 72 hours before your mail service is properly switched to SiteGround.

If your domain is using our nameservers, you can change set its MX records to point to SiteGround from your Site Tools -> Domain -> DNS Zone Editor -> MX tab and click the Switch to system default MX records button. Finally click Update.

This will point the domain name’s mail service to the Spam Protection by SolarWinds Spam Experts service.

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