Is Node.js available?

SiteGround’s Shared hosting plans do not support Node.js. In order to install and use it, you will need a Dedicated Server with root access.

If you have a Dedicated Server with root access, and would like to install Node.js follow this guide.

The first thing that you will need is an SSH Key pair. Check our SSH Tutorials on how to generate an SSH key pair and use it to access your account:

How to use SSH

Once logged in your account, you will automatically be sent to the Home directory (/home/your.username/). To ensure this is the case, run the following command:

cd ~

Now you are certain that you are working in your home directory and can begin the installation process:

The latest stable version can be downloaded from and we will be using it for the purpose of this guide.

To download the installation package directly from your SSH session, run the following command:


  • Once the download is completed, you should extract the file. Use the following command:

tar xzif node-vXX.XX-linux-x64.tar.gz

This will create a separate folder node-vXX.XX-linux-x64 in your home directory

  • Rename the folder to nodejs for ease of use:

mv node-vXX.XX-linux-x64/ nodejs

Now you have a /home/your.username/nodejs folder.

  • Create the /home/your.username/bin directory

mkdir ~/bin

  • Copy the node binary from /home/your.username/nodejs/bin to /home/your.username/bin

cp /home/your.username/nodejs/bin/node ~/bin

  • Enter the ~/bin directory

cd ~/bin

  • Create a symlink from /home/your.username/nodejs/lib/node_modules/npm/npm-cli.js in the ~/bin directory

ln -s ../nodejs/lib/node_modules/npm/bin/npm-cli.js npm

You should be able to use Node.js without issues now. To test the installed versions:

node --version

npm --version