Do I need to use several caching plugins?

Ideally, your website will be using one caching system at a time. It is recommended that you test the available caching solutions on your website before sticking with one that best suit your needs.

However, most caching plugins include other functions that your website can benefit from. The point here is to make sure that if you need to use more than one caching systems concurrently working on your website - they will not be all doing the same thing.

For example, our SG Optimizer will store cache for your website directly in the server’s memory. In comparison, other WordPress caching plugins will use a file-based caching method storing the gathered cache in a separate directory inside your application.

Pulling the cache directly from the server memory is considered to be much faster and more reliable than the common file-based caching method.

In a situation such as this one, you can leave SG Optimizer to take care of full page caching for your website (which means using dynamic cache with the SG Optimizer), and deactivate the same in the other caching systems you are using.


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