Most common reasons for a payment to fail

Below you can find a list with the most common reasons for a failed payment for any of our services.

  • Double check the credit card information you have entered. You may have written a number wrong which will prevent our system from recognizing your card correctly.
  • Check whether your credit card has not expired. If this is the case, you should contact your bank for additional assistance.
  • Depending on the country in which you are located you might have to call your bank to authorize your credit card for online, cross-border or overseas transactions.
  • Some credit cards have limits for the maximum sum that can be withdrawn in a single transaction. If you are purchasing many services at once, this can be a reason for the payment to fail. In such case you can contact our Sales Department via the Live Chat button on our main website in order to receive different links to pay for the desired services separately. If you are already a SiteGround customer, you can request Billing Assistance via your Customer Area Support page.
  • Last but not least, note that you should be able to receive detailed information for any failed or successful transaction from your bank. If a payment fails, do not hesitate to contact your bank and request this information.

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