I want to transfer my domain name to another registrar, how do I do that?

In order to transfer your domain to another registrar please follow these steps:

  • Unlock the domain.

For this purpose log in your User Area, go to "My accounts" tab and click on Manage next to the domain name you are interested in. There will be a link "Change" next to the Status of the domain name. Change the status to "Active" and allow 24 hours for this change to propagate.

  • Initiate the transfer at your new registrar and check regularly the administrative email for your domain.

You can find the valid administrative e-mail for your domain name by using the WHOIS lookup tool available here. If this tool shows the administrative email is newdomains@siteground.com or similar, you have to change it to yours in order to complete the transfer. This can be done from your User Area, My Accounts, Domain name section, Manage next to the domain you want to transfer. There click on Change next to "Your Domain Administrative Contact Information".

If you have an ID protect activated for your domain and the gaining registrar fails to send a message to your administrative e-mail account you should cancel it. This can be completed from your User Area, Billing, Cancel Services. Allow up to several hours for the modification to propagate and the real administrative e-mail account will be shown in the WHOIS lookup.