I recently referred a friend to siteground.com. He just started a website with you. How can I get credit for this referral towards free hosting?

Customers referring other customers to SiteGround are being automatically awarded with the free months of hosting according to the promotion. If you want to check the amount of months earned, please log into your User Area and go to the Referral Deals tab. At the right menu you will find the "Referral Awards Stats"option.

Please note that, in order to participate in the free hosting program, you have to place any of our banners/text links on your website. Normally, this is the way the program works. You place any of the banners, your referees sign up for an account with us through your banner and our automatic tracking system tracks the referral and awards you the deserved months.

To read more for the program, you can log in your user area and proceed to the Referral Deals tab. If you are interested in placing a banner on your website, please let us know.

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