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How to Post to WordPress by Email (Post via Email)?

How to Post to WordPress by Email (Post via Email)?

To set up a Post via e-mail functionality for your WordPress installation, you need to have a valid email account which you can use with it. On the SiteGround servers, you can create such via Site Tools > Email > Accounts.

The next step is to add this account in your WordPress installation. To do so, log in to the WordPress administrative area, go to Settings > Writing and under the Post via Email section enter the needed details:

Mail Server: check the exact hostname to use with each of your mail accounts in your Site Tools > Email > Accounts, choose the preferred email account and go to kebab menu > Mail Configuration and select Manual Settings tab

Port: 995 (the service requires POP3 access for the email account)

Login Name: the full email address
Password: the corresponding password for the mail account above

Generally, those are all the settings you need to adjust for the Post via e-mail functionality to work.

What you need to do after that is to visit the corresponding URL for your WordPress installation so the posts/articles sent to the above email address are parsed. The URL is of type:



yourdomain.com – is your actual domain name

wordpress – is the path to your WordPress installation. This might be skipped if WordPress is installed directly under the public_html document root folder for your domain.

Or if we presume you are using the domain name mentioned in the previous example and the WordPress installation is under directory blog:


Note that by default such posts are not automatically displayed on your WordPress front page. They still need to be published via the WordPress administrative area. Alternatively, you can adjust your WordPress configuration to automatically submit posts without being approved by an administrator. This is up to you and your WordPress configuration.

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