How to troubleshoot WordPress blank page?

In most cases the WordPress application displays a blank page due to a corrupted plugin that is currently active for the application. In order to find out if this is the reason for the issue you should access your account via an
FTP client. Once your account is opened through FTP you should navigate to the following folder:


Within this folder you will find the plugins/ subfolder. This subfolder contains all plugins of your application. To disable the plugins you should rename the folder. For example you can rename it from plugins/ to plugins.back/.

Afterwards test your website. If the website starts working correctly this means that one or more of your plugins are causing the issue. In order to fix it rename the plugins folder from plugins.back/ to plugins/ and open the folder itself. Once you are within this directory you should move one by one the subfolders of each plugin out of the plugins/ folder - then test your application. If the issue is resolved this means that the plugin that you have moved out has been causing all the troubles.

After the problematic plugin is found check whether it is compatible with your version of WordPress. If you plan to use it contact the plugin's developers and report the issue.

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