How to transfer my domain name from Network Solutions to SiteGround?

When you sign up for a hosting account at SiteGround with an existing domain name, it is recommended to transfer the domain name to us. This way you will be able to manage the domain name directly through your SiteGround User Area.

We will notify you through e-mail messages when the renewal date is coming. You will not miss to renew the domain name and risk the web site to become inaccessible. Also, you will be able to use the domain name with a private DNS.

Additionally, we offer an exclusive domain name transfer offer for the major domain name extensions. Once the domain name is transfered, you will get one year of a free domain name renewal.

Here are the steps, which you must follow in order to initiate the domain name transfer.

Next, we will provide the specific steps which should be followed at Network Solutions' end in order to prepare the domain name for the transfer.

In order to disable the private registration with Network Solutions you should log in your Network Solutions account. Open the domain name folder or click on Switch to View All to list all the domains. Click on the chosen domain name. In the Private Registration Status area click on "Turn off private registration".

In order to unlock the domain name and get the authorization (EPP) code, click on the Domains menu tab. Click on the Manage Domain Names link. Pick the domain which you want to transfer. In the Domain Protect area click on "Turn Off and Request Authorization". Select the Off radio button and click on the Save button.

When the above steps are completed, allow up to one day for the domain name status to be changed and initiate the domain name transfer from the SiteGround User Area -> Add Services -> Domain Transfer. You will receive an approval e-mail at the domain's administrative e-mail account. Use the confirmation link in it to approve the domain name transfer. Then it will take approximately 5 business days for the domain name to be transferred to SiteGround.