How to stop the automatic billing for my account?

All shared and cloud hosting accounts offered by SiteGround are set on automatic recurring billing. The accounts with 12+ months hosting renewal period are auto-renewed 15 days prior to their expiration.

This is made for the convenience of our customers. This way they do not have to worry about expiration and possible suspension of the service due to missed renewal payment.

There might be customers who might not be happy with the universal solution. To give such customers an opportunity to decide whether and how to continue with the hosting service, we send early reminders about the upcoming renewal and the expected renewal period. Stopping the automatic billing means that we won’t be able to bill you for your account and it won’t be renewed.

If you are sure you want to cancel the automatic billing for your account, you should go to your User Area -> Billing -> Billing Settings -> Switch off the Autorenewal toggle next to the account or upgrade you want to modify.

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