How to start building your Magento site

It is easy to start building your online store site with Magento. The installation is fully automated. It comes with very intuitive and easy to use administrator area that will allow you to manage your Magento site with ease.

Here are the basics of starting your Magento site.

First of all you will need to have Magento installed for your web site. On SiteGround servers the Magento install can be easily accomplished via only a few clicks. SiteGround cPanel -> Site Software includes automatic Magento installation script that will setup Magento for you in a matter of seconds.

The alternative is the manual Magento install. You can check our detailed tutorial How to perform manual Magento installation.

Next you are ready to start with your Magento site configuration. Everything can be easily performed via the administrator area for your new installation. Detailed instructions you can find in our Magento configuration tutorial.

Once you have setup the basics for your Magento site you should think about getting a custom template that will suit the design needs for your web site. You can check SiteGround tutorial How change the theme for your Magento site for more information.

Also a good start is to adjust the main page for your Magento site. You can check the basics of altering the main page for Magento here.

An important part of your Magento website is including SSL for secured transactions. It is really important that your website visitors feel safe when making their purchase. You can check the following tutorial for more information How to enable SSL for your Magento website.

Last but not least – take some time to adjust your Magento website and make it Search Engine Friendly. By default Magento is one of the most search engine friendly e-commerce applications. SEO can be easily turned on as described in this tutorial.

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