How to save a post/page as a draft in WordPress?

WordPress gives you several draft options so that you can save your work without having to publish it immediately.

This way you can work on a new post/page as much as you want and publish it only when it is ready.

To save a post as a draft, go to your blog's admin area > Posts > Add New. Write your post and when you wish to save your progress, click the Save Draft button.

To save a page as a draft, go to your blog's admin area > Pages > Add New. Enter the content of the new page and click the Save Draft button to save your page as a draft.

If you want to see a video tutorial on how to save a post/page as a draft in WordPress, click Play Video on the screen below.

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  1. Reply September 29, 2015 / 23:01 Sandra ReeseSiteGround Team

    How do I recover my edit draft that I already had written and can't find anywhere

    • Reply October 2, 2015 / 05:44 Hristo PandjarovSiteGround Team

      If the draft is not saved correctly, you would need to restore your entire database from a backup. Try the "Trash" folder before doing that though.

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