How to restore a backup created by SiteGround’s backup script

General information on how to restore a backup is available in our backup tutorial.

Restoring the backups made by our backup script is not much different. All you have to do is download the backup files from the backups folder to your local computer.

(Please note that the name of folder where the backups are stored may vary; information of the exact backup folder name will be provided when the backup script has been successfully installed on your account.)

The backup folder will contain two types of files - rar archives with your website's files and your mails, and sql dump files of your databases.

Once you have downloaded the backup files, you should extract the rar archives to your computer. The structure of the uncompressed rar archives is:

/home/your_cpanel_username/public_html (for your website's files)


/home/your_cpanel_username/mail (for your mails)

You can restore your files/mails by uploading the necessary files/folders to your account using your favorite FTP client. You can overwrite the old files if you are sure you don't need them.

You can import the database backups using phpMyAdmin (the database backups are the files with .sql extension).

If you are having difficulties restoring a backup, you can always take advantage of our professional services and order a backup restore from your Help Desk > Exclusive Professional Services > Back-up restore.