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How to reset the password in my PrestaShop?

How to reset the password in my PrestaShop?

Go to your Site Tools > Site > MySQL > phpMyAdmin.

Select the database of your PrestaShop application.

If you are not sure which database your PrestaShop is using you can check the config/settings.inc.php file and see the value of _DB_NAME_, which looks similar to the following:

define(‘_DB_NAME_’, ‘your_db_name’);

You can open the file through File Manager in Site Tools.

Also, check the _COOKIE_KEY_ value in the same file, as you will need it in the next step.

Once you have selected your database, click on SQL from the top menu to run the following SQL query and replace the <> variables with your information.

UPDATE `employee` SET 'passwd' = md5(concat('<_COOKIE_KEY_ value>', '<yourNewPassword>')) WHERE email = “youremailaddress”;

For example, if your _COOKIE_KEY_ value is 123, your new password is abc and your email address is john@smith.com the query should look like the following:

UPDATE `employee` SET 'passwd' = md5(concat('123', 'abc')) WHERE email = “john@smith.com”;

If the SQL query was executed correctly you will be able to access PrestaShop with that user and the new password.

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