How to reset my Joomla administrator password?

There are several ways to change the password of your Joomla users:

Through phpMyAdmin

  • Access your phpMyAdmin in cPanel and select the Joomla database from the drop-down menu at the left side.
  • Select the users table (e.g. jos_users).
  • Click Browse and select Edit (the small pen icon) on the user.
  • Under the "password" field, you will see encrypted letters. Delete these letters, and type your new password.
  • Select MD5 in the Function drop-down list on the left side of the password field.
  • Save your new password and access your Joomla administrator backend.

Using Joomla! Toolkit in cPanel

If you are a SiteGround customer you can also change your Joomla administrator password using the Joomla! Toolkit in cPanel.

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