How to reduce the number of inodes my account uses?

The number of inodes equals the total number of files and folders on your web hosting account. Therefore, to reduce your inode count, you would have to reduce the number of files and folders in your hosting account. Most commonly this is done by:

1. Removing all files and folders you don’t need

There may be some backup files and folders on your account, which could be generated by an extension or plugin installed on your website application. If you need some of these files you can download them locally on your computer through FTP and after that remove them from your hosting account.

2. Check the number of cache files you have

Modern web applications by default usually use file caching, which means that they might be generating a high amount of cache files inside your account, thus adding to its total inode. You should regularly check your website's 'cache' folder and reduce the number of cached files you keep. Most web applications which store cache include an option to purge the cache from within their administrative area.

If you have a large number of files and folders and reducing their number is not a suitable option for you, you may consider upgrading your account to a higher hosting plan with a higher inodes quota.

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