How to log in to my dedicated server via SSH using PuTTY?

Important: Note that by default incoming connections on port 18765 are blocked on all our dedicated servers. If you have a dedicated server and you would like to access it over SSH, you should first post a new ticket to us to whitelist your IP and then follow the instructions below.

In order to connect to your Dedicated hosting server via SSH using PuTTY you will need download and install PuTTY, Pageant and Puttygen from this link.

Once you complete the software installation you need to generate an SSH key pair from your cPanel -> SSH/Shell access -> Generate new SSH key pair section. Make sure that you also authorize the newly created key from the same menu.

Fill the required fields and press Generate. Then from the section Manage current keys at the bottom click on the Private Key button next to the newly created entry in the table. Copy all the content including the BEGIN and END lines to a new file called private_key.ppk on your computer.

After you install them launch puttygen.exe and navigate to File -> Load Private Key, browse for your private key, open it and enter the passphrase. The passphrase was specified during the generation of the SSH key pair in cPanel.

If everything was done correctly, you will receive a message saying Successfully imported foreign key. Click on the Save private key button and choose the (*.ppk) format for the file.

Open pageant.exe and load your private key in it. You may be prompted for the passphrase of your key.

Start putty.exe and enter the following connection details in the Sessions category:

  • Host Name (or IP address) - here you should enter the host/IP to which you wish to connect;
  • Port - the port for the connection - here you should type 18765;
  • Protocol - here you should select SSH;

Once you enter the correct details, click on Open to establish the connection. You will be asked for a username (which is your cPanel username); once you type it, you will log in your account via SSH.

Note: Your main cPanel username, server hostname, and the IP address of your hosting account are all available in your User Area -> My Accounts -> Information & Settings.

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