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How to install phpBB on my account?

How to install phpBB on my account?

phpBB is one of the most widely used forum scripts currently on the web. It is free/open source, easy to install and administer, and allows flexibility in terms of design and organization.

You can learn more about phpBB from their official website.

How to install phpBB forum?

There are two ways you can install phpBB on your account:

  • Manually, by downloading the script to your computer and uploading the installation files and folders to your account.
  • Automatically from the App Installer in your SiteTools

Install phpBB from the App Installer

To install this form application, navigate to the App Installer in the respective SiteTools for your domain name.

App Installer Site Tools

Next, select the phpBB application from the dropdown menu:

Select app phpBB

Then, you will need to fill out the required fields to proceed with the installation. Select the domain on which you would like it installed and enter the details like – admin email and password.

Install phpBB

When you are ready with entering the setup details, click Install.

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