How to install Drupal on my account?

The easiest way to install Drupal on your account is to install it through cPanel -> Softaculous. In order to do that you should:

1. Locate Drupal from the menu on your left and click on it.

2. Click on New Installation.

3. Select the domain on which you want Drupal to be installed. Type in the install directory. You can leave if it blank if you want your Drupal to be installed in your public_html or type in a directory name of your preference. Please note that the directory should not exist as it will be created during the installation.

4. Type in your Administrative Details.

5. Click on the "Install Drupal" button. Follow the on-screen information to proceed with the installation. Your Drupal application will be installed shortly.

For detailed instructions on how to install Drupal on your account, please check this tutorial.

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