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How to find a web developer?

How to find a web developer?

If you want to start building a new website from scratch, decide on which programming language it should be written. The most common choice is PHP since it is the most popular language and there are many developers that can write applications in PHP.

Once you decide that, start searching for a developer that codes mostly in the selected programming language(s). If you want to have an existing website modified, check how your website works in order to find the best developer for the task.

There are a few things that you should be aware of when you hire a developer for your web site.

1. Check the previous projects of your developer and his/her satisfaction rate. Avoid hiring new developers without past experience and good feedback from his/her customers.

2. Get a quote for the task from a few developers and compare the prices. Depending on the budget you have for the task you can choose to hire a more reputable developer or one that charges less.

3. Ask the developer about the intellectual property ownership of the website. The ownership should be yours and you should not pay the original developer additionally if you want to make changes in your scripts.

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Another good starting point for your search for a developer is the https://www.freelancer.com website which is the most popular place for freelance developers. In it, you can post your request and different developers will provide you with a quote about the price and time frame they will need to complete the job.

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