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How to enable SSH for Cloud on Mac OS?

How to enable SSH for Cloud on Mac OS?

To connect to your Cloud hosting account via SSH in Mac OS, follow these steps:

  • You have to generate an SSH key pair in Site Tools > DevsSSH Keys Manager.
  • Copy the private key from Site Tools > Devs > SSH Keys Manager. Under Manage SSH Keys, go to the kebab menu > Private Key and save it into a text file on your Mac OS computer.
  • The next step is to load the private key into your SSH-agent using your Terminal (Applications > Utilities > Terminal) by using the ssh-add command:
ssh-add /User/youruser/private_key

Make sure that you replace /User/youruser/private_key with the location of your private key text file.

Next, you will be prompted to type in the key’s password. You need to type the same password that you have placed while generating your keys in Site Tools.

Finally, you can connect via SSH. To connect, use the following command in your Terminal:


Where you replace USER, HOST_NAME, and PORT with the following:

USER – your username.
HOST_NAME – enter the host of the server to which you wish to connect.
PORT – the port for the connection – use 18765

The SSH Credentials are available in your Site Tools > Devs > SSH Keys Manager, under the Manage SSH Keys, go to the kebab menu > SSH Credentials.

For example, if your username is user1 and you are hosted on the c80000.sgvps.net server you should execute the following command:

ssh user1@c80000.sgvps.net -p18765

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