How to configure Joomla 2.5 ACL?

One of the great features available in Joomla 1.6, 1.7 and 2.5 is called ACL. The abbreviation stands for Access Control List.

Joomla ACL allows to show different content and provide certain functionality to chosen user groups.

You can set a new user group that will have certain access permissions. This can be done through the Joomla administrative area -> Users -> Groups -> Add New Group. Enter its name, leave the group parent to Public and save the setup.

Then assign the desired users to this usergroup through the Users -> User Manager.

Once you are ready navigate to Users -> Access Levels -> Add New Access Level. Enter the level title and pick the group which you have created before. Save the configuration.

You can set the newly defined access level for articles, modules, plugins and other extensions. Edit the element for which you want to change the access level and pick the new one from the Access drop-down menu.

Only the users with the correct permissions will have access to the corresponding resources.

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