How to clear the cache in Magento?

Whenever you make any modifications to your Magento website, they will not appear immediately unless you clear the cache of your application.

There are different ways to clear that cache depending on your Magento version:

  • Magento 1.9 and older

Clear the cache through the Admin Panel:

Access your Magento Admin Panel and go to System -> Cache Management -> Flush Cache Storage

Manually Clearing the Magento Cache:

Magento keeps its cache in the var/cache/ folder located inside the Magento installation directory. To clear the cache, simply delete everything from the var/cache/ directory and then reload your website in your browser.

You can remove the content of that folder either via File Manager in cPanel, FTP or SSH.

  • Magento 2

Clear the cache through the Admin Panel:

Go to System -> Tools -> Cache Management. Select Flush Magento Cache and after the process is completed select Flush Cache Storage.

Clean and flush the cache via SSH:

You should execute the following commands one by one via SSH, while inside the installation directory of your Magento application:

/usr/local/php72/bin/php-cli bin/magento cache:clean

/usr/local/php72/bin/php-cli bin/magento cache:flush

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