How to change the value of a PHP setting?

There are two ways to change the value of a PHP setting in your SiteGround hosting account:

  • Using PHP Variables Manager in cPanel

PHP Variables Manager is a unique tool created by SiteGround that allows you to modify the PHP settings in your hosting account.

In order to do that you will need to access your cPanel and navigate to PHP Variables Manager.

Select the directory you wish to change the PHP value for and under Variable place the appropriate PHP setting. After you click on the Add button the variable will appear below, so you can modify its value.

Once you make the necessary changes click on the Save button.

The checkbox next to Apply changes to all subdirectories? will allow you to add the changes to the current folder and all associated subdirectories recursively. This is particularly useful in case you wish to apply these changes for whole account instead of only one directory.

  • Manually via php.ini file

You can apply custom PHP settings on a per-folder basis using a php.ini file.

For example, if you need register_globals set to Off in a particular directory, you should create a php.ini file in that directory using File Manager in cPanel. The php.ini file should contain:

register_globals = off

Naturally, if you'd like register_globals turned On you should specify:

register_globals = on

The values of the following PHP settings cannot be changed on our shared hosting plans due to the globally defined PHP limits:

  • memory_limit
  • max_execution_time
  • max_input_time
  • post_max_size 
  • upload_max_filesize

Note that the Cloud and Dedicated solutions provided by SiteGround do not have such PHP limitations.

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