How to change the nameservers for your Swiss domain?

If the nameservers you plan to use for your domain name are not registered with Switchplus, you will have to register them.

To complete the task navigate to and log in with your User ID and password. Click on For Providers in the navigation area and select the I am a hosting provider, or I have the appropriate knowledge for performing this activity option. Click on Register Server and enter the necessary details in the appropriate boxes.

Once the nameservers have been registered, you are able to assign them to your domain name. Proceed as follows:

  • Follow the Administer or Terminate link under the Domain Names section. Then select the domain name(s) for which you wish to assign the new nameservers.
  • Click on Edit Marked Lines. You can allocate a nameserver in the corresponding menu, or click on Other and enter a new name server.
  • Once the nameserver has been entered, click on Continue. You will see your settings. Check the data.
  • Click on Continue again to save the configuration and confirm the entry.