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How to change the name servers of my domain?

How to change the name servers of my domain?

As long as your domain is registered through SiteGround there will be no problem to change its name servers.

This can be done from Client Area > Services > Domains > Settings.

Domains section in SiteGround Client Area

Open the Name Servers tab and click on Manage.

Name Servers section in the domain settings in SiteGround Client Area

In the pop-up window, choose one of the available options in Nameserver Type.

  • SiteGround – Choose this option if you want to manage your DNS records with SiteGround.
  • Private – Choose this if you wish to use your own private nameservers as an alias of SiteGround nameservers. Suitable for white-label hosting where you want to manage the DNS records through SiteGround.
  • Custom – Choose this option if you want to manage your domain through third-party nameservers. You can type the nameserver hostnames in the Nameservers fields.

Once ready, press the Confirm button.

Name Server types for a domain managed in SiteGround

IMPORTANT! The new DNS settings will need several hours to propagate.

If you are not a SiteGround customer, you should be able to edit your name servers from the control panel at your host/domain Registrar. For more information on how to do this, you will have to contact your host/Registrar.

IMPORTANT! When you change the name servers of a domain, all advanced records (A-records, CNAME-records, MX-records, SRV-records, and so on) will resolve from the DNS zone of the provider whose nameservers you are setting. Thus, if you are using a custom A-record or MX-record for your needs, it is strongly recommended to add them to the DNS zone of your new provider before switching the nameservers. This ensures minimal downtime and/or propagation.

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