How to build a WordPress website using the server URL of my account

The server URL for the primary domain name of an account looks like this:

where: is the hostname of the server where your account is located.

cpanel_username is the cPanel username for your account.

You can check your account's server name/cPanel user from your User Area -> My Accounts -> Information & Settings page.

If you currently do not have WordPress installed on your account, you can easily install one via cPanel -> Softaculous. Once you have done so, you should change the siteurl and home options in the WordPress database. You can make the change in phpMyAdmin, available in cPanel.

Once in phpMyAdmin, select your WordPress database and then the wp_options table. Bear in mind that the wp_ database prefix may be different for your database and is the one you chose during the WordPress installation. Find the options siteurl and home and change their values to the server URL for your account.

If you are not sure exactly which database is related to your WordPress installation you can find its name inside the wp-config.php file situated inside the WordPress root/installation folder. You can open the file with the File Manager in cPanel, then search for the following line:

Finally you should update the WordPress RewriteRules inside the website's .htaccess file so that they match the new URL. The default rules are these:

and you need to change them to:

where cpanel_username is your cPanel username.

You can use File Manager in cPanel to make these .htaccess changes.

If you have a WordPress Multisite you will need to update a few more values in the database and configuration file to make the website work with the temporary URL. Detailed steps what you need to change may be found in the article here.

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