How to access my website statistics?

You can access your website statistics from cPanel where you will see a box called Visitor Stats. In this box you will find all tools related to Statistics and the most notable are:

Awstats: AWStats is without a doubt the most preferred website statistics tool. It is a free software distributed under the GNU General Public License. AWStats graphically generates advanced web, streaming, ftp, or mail server statistics. This tool shows you very detailed and complete information on just a few graphical web pages. It is also quite fast and updates information often.

Webalizer: The Webalizer is a fast, full-featured, and free website statistics tool. It withdraws and analyze information from the web server and produces highly detailed reports in HTML format. It is freely distributed under the GNU General Public License.

SiteGround Account Stats: To access the detailed statistics for your account and domain name, you can either click on the green Detailed Stats button in the left column, or through the SiteGround Account Stats icon in the Visitor Stats section. Once you go to the Detailed Stats page, you will see multiple stats for your account and domain names separated into two different tabs - "Account Executions and Scripts" and "Domain Hits Stats"

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