How do I install an application with Softaculous?

Installing an application with Softaculous is easy and straightforward. You should access your cPanel and follow the Softaculous link in the Software/Services tab. You will be taken to the Softaculous home page. On the home page you will see several sections that allow you to check the latest Softaculous news and also access demo versions of all applications.

All available applications are listed in the left menu. Softaculous offers more than 230 scripts and that is why the apps are grouped into categories. For example, under the "Portals/CMS" category you will find Joomla, Drupal, etc. When you click on a category it will expand and you will see the applications that you can install. Each application will guide you through a comprehensive wizard to specify all the details for your new installation.

For more detailed instructions you can check our Softaculous script installation tutorial.

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