How can I transfer my Drupal site from a subdirectory to my root folder?

This can be done in several easy steps.

  • Change the base dir in your settings.php to point to your root folder (public_html).

You can edit the file from your cPanel -> File Manager in the following way:

- Navigate to your /sites/default directory.
- Click on the letters next to the icon of settings.php
- A little box should appear on the top-right side of the page.
- Click on Edit File Contents and you should be able to edit the file.

  • Change the RewriteBase dir in your .htaccess file to be /

The contents of your .htaccess file should contain a line like the one below:

RewriteBase /

You can edit this file in the same way as you did with your settings.php file.

  • After that you should move all the Drupal files which are under your subdirectory to your root (public_html) folder. The best and easiest way to do this is using an FTP client.

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