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How to download a full backup of my website?

How to download a full backup of my website?

Websites usually consist of files and a database, so if you need a full backup of your website you need to download your files and export your database.

Download your files

The files for your website are located in the /home/customer/www/yourdomainname.com/public_html folder. Download your files by going to Site Tools > Site > File Manager, right click on the public_html folder and click on Archive.


Alternatively, you can download the files via FTP.

Export your database

Your database can be exported from Site Tools > Site > MySQL > phpMyAdmin. For detailed instructions on how to backup (export) your MySQL database, check our MySQL tutorial.

SiteGround also creates automatic backups on all Shared and Cloud hosting solutions and keeps them for a period of up to 30 and 7 days respectively.

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