How to Configure Google Mail With Your SiteGround Domain

Gmail has a built-in functionality that allows you to check emails from external accounts using the POP3 email protocol.

You can configure your email accounts hosted at SiteGround in your Gmail interface by following the steps below:

Incoming Mail Configuration

  • Sign in to your Gmail Account.
  • Choose Settings, from the Settings tab
  • Go to Accounts and Import
  • Under the section Check mail from other accounts choose Add a mail account
  • Enter your Email address (e.g.
  • Click the Next button
  • Username: enter your full email address (e.g.
  • Password: you should place the password for the above email address
  • POP Server: Your Secure SSL/TLS server settings are listed in cPanel -> Email Accounts -> More -> Configure Email Client
  • POP3 port: 995
  • Leave a copy of retrieved message on the server can be selected if you wish to save your messages on SiteGround servers as well
  • Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail needs to be checked
  • Click on Add Account

You can continue with the SMTP server setup if you wish to send mail from your email address:

Outgoing Mail (SMTP)

  • Select Yes, I want to be able to send mail as
  • Choose if you will use this address as an Alias
  • SMTP server: Use the same secure server as you did in the incoming settings configuration
  • SMTP port: 465
  • Username: enter your full email address (e.g.
  • Password: the password for this email account
  • Check the Secured connection using SSL option as well
  • Click on Add account

Gmail will send you a verification email that you have to approve, so you can use the SMTP functionality.

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