Health Check Modifications

WordPress has introduced a Health Check functionality since version 5.2 which checks a number of hosting and site configurations showing warnings if checks don't return the expected result. However, since we're a managed WordPress hosting provider, some checks trigger false positive results. That's why on our servers the following warnings are disabled:

WordPress Health Check modifications

  • WP Core Update Checks - SiteGround provides you with an Autoupdate system, and all WordPress sites installed on our servers are automatically added to it. We believe it is better and safer than the WordPress core mechanism because we have more control over the hosting environment and can make a backup before the update is performed. This allows the user to quickly rollback if some issue occurs. However, in order to operate correctly, our system requires the default one to be disabled, which triggers the warning.
  • PHP Version Checks - Right now, WordPress shows warnings if you're using anything less than PHP 7.3.
  • Imagick Check - this PHP module has a large overhead in terms of memory usage and page response time and is disabled by default on our servers. For image handling, WordPress uses GD library too, which we consider better. However, you can enable the Imagic module following the instructions in this article.

If additional checks return false-positive warnings because of specific configuration on our servers, we will update the rules and this article too. Note, that in order to accomplish this, a line was added to your wp-config.php file.

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