I get a pop-up warning when using SSL/TLS in my email client.

You may see a warning stating that the mail server you are connecting to attempts to identify itself with invalid information.

This happens when connecting to your mail account over SSL. It is due to the SSL certificate used for the secure connection and the mail server you are using. On Siteground's servers there are several options to connect with your mail client securely without seeing a SSL warning:

  • Use the default SSL installed on every server for the email service. To use it, you have to configure your mail client to use the *.sgcpanel.com hostname for your server as a servername for both incoming and outgoing settings.

Important! If your account is hosted on a GoGeek server, make sure to use the exact hostname shown in Account information. For example if your account is hosted on am8.siteground.biz, the incoming/outgoing host you should use is am8.siteground.biz.

  • If you have a WildCard SSL certificate installed for your domain name, then you can use mail.yourdomainname.com as servername for both incoming and outgoing settings.
  • If you have a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate or a single domain external SSL, then you can use yourdomainname.com as servername in the email client settings.

To avoid warnings or errors, you can use the recommended SSL/TLS settings, available in cPanel -> Email Accounts -> More -> Configure Email Client.

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