I am getting ‘General Error SQL ERROR You have an error in your SQL syntax’ in my phpBB forum

Usually, this issue is caused by a missing Anonymous user for your forum. Therefore when an unregistered user tries to open your website, it displays the SQL error.

To resolve the problem, you should create the Anonymous user in your phpBB database. To do this, go to your cPanel -> phpMyAdmin. Once you log in, select your phpBB database and locate the users table.

To create a new record in this table first click on it. After that click the Insert tab in the main menu. Here you should fill in the details for the new user. The most important ones are:

user_id = 1
user_type = 2
group_id = 1
user_permissions = 00000000000g13ydq8
username = Anonymous
username_clean = anonymous

After that click the "GO" button and the user will be created. Check your forum - it should be working normally now.

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