How to force SSL/HTTPS with SG Optimizer in WordPress?

Firstly, your domain needs to have an SSL certificate. SiteGround offers three types of SSL certificates that you can choose from - WildCard, EV SSL and free Let's Encrypt.

The HTTPS redirection can be enabled by installing our SG Optimizer plugin to your WordPress application. To see how to install plugins on your WordPress website, please check our tutorial:

How to Install WordPress Plugins?

Once the installation is completed you will have to access the new SG Optimizer menu in your WordPress Dashboard and go to the HTTPS Config section.

When you select the Force HTTPS option the following changes will occur on your website:

  • Your website traffic will be redirected to a secure HTTPS connection.
  • All of the website resources will start using a secure connection. If your website includes any external resources that cannot be reached via HTTPS, they will no longer be loaded on your site.

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