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How to Fix WordPress Not Sending Emails?

How to Fix WordPress Not Sending Emails?

Are you facing challenges with your WordPress website’s email functionality? If you’ve encountered the frustration of WordPress not sending emails, fear not – solutions are at hand. In this article, we’ll explore the common issues that can lead to email delivery problems and provide practical steps on how to rectify them.

How to Fix WordPress Not Sending Emails Issue – Video Tutorial:

Our step-by-step video tutorial is designed to guide you through each section for a seamless resolution to your email delivery issues.

Why Isn’t WordPress Sending Emails?

One prevalent issue is incorrect server configuration, where misconfigured settings hurt the deliverability of emails. Additionally, using unprofessional or unrecognized email addresses might lead to emails being diverted or overlooked. To address this, it is crucial to consider changing to a more reputable and professional email address.

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) misconfigurations could also contribute to the problem, emphasizing the importance of setting up SMTP for your WordPress site.

Another common reason is the PHP mail()  failing to function properly. In such cases, ensuring the hosting server is properly configured to support this function becomes imperative. By understanding and resolving these underlying issues, you can effectively troubleshoot and restore WordPress email functionality, ensuring reliable communication between your website and its users.

How to Configure WordPress SMTP?

By default, WordPress uses the PHP mail() function to send emails when required. These can be emails from contact forms, notifications, order confirmations, etc. Many email providers will mark messages sent this way as spam, so these messages may never reach their recipients.

To resolve the problem, you should configure your WordPress to use SMTP instead of the PHP mail() function, SMTP uses proper authentication that leads to high email deliverability. To configure your WordPress to use SMTP, you can follow the instructions in our comprehensive tutorial.

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