How to export your personal data

We've built a self-service tool to offer our clients the opportunity to download the personal data that we hold within their client profile in the User Area.

To download a copy of your personal data:

1. Log in to your User Area and navigate to the My Details page.
2. Navigate to the bottom of the page where you will find the section named Your Data.
3. Click the Download button.

The system will automatically generate a personal file for your account and trigger the download.

The file you will download is in JSON format to enable it being both human and machine-readable. You can open it with any program or software that can read plain text files and read it as such. The file contains all the personal information we store about you as a representation of key:value pairs. This includes:

  • Your profile with your name, address, email, telephone, etc;
  • The limited information about your cards including type, last for digits, holder name and expiration;
  • Information about your invoices and returns including names, address, and amounts;
  • The IP address which you have logged into the account.

An example file look like this:

The file stores your information as plain and visible text. Our system has ensured that during the download your data is transferred over encrypted channel and it is protected. Once you download the file, you should take reasonable and responsible steps to store it in a secure location and delete it after you no longer need to use it.

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